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Cross Promotion with Zero Upfront Costs


Targeting with Aggregated Insights

An Uplift of 2-3X Lifetime Value Across All Partners

Revolutionizing user acquisition and breaking free from conventional digital advertising channels.

Data-driven Results for Every Stage of Growth.


The MOX Platform enables Promotion Partners to monetize its traffic and network by offering its ad inventory by reviewing creative assets, serve ads from an inventory of matched/targeted offers from Monetization Partners with minimal friction.


Be a Promotion Partner

The MOX Platform enables Monetization Partners to present offers that get presented to end users,get access to campaign management, targeted channel selection capabilities, and performance reports from an administrative dashboard.


Be a Monetization Partner

The MOX Platform uses a data-driven revenue-sharing model to motivate companies to collaborate and join cross-promotion campaigns to expand market share and revenue.


Data-driven Revenue Share

The MOX Platform is developed to leverage aggregate targeting data without compromising individual users' privacy and data sovereignty. It allows for integration with ad servers using unique IDs, enabling targeted promotion to specific users.


Privacy and Data Sovereignty

Our plug-in API for the MOX Platform lets Promotion Partners generate user ID lists without sharing data. Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) verify lists using hashed email addresses, eliminating the need for cookies. It also enables sharing aggregated insights for better targeting.




All about
The MOX Platform


Say goodbye to exorbitant financial requirements and hello to a revolutionary approach that enables user acquisition through trusted partners with revenue sharing.

We're shaking up the world of paid marketing by challenging the status quo set by industry giants like Google, Apple, and Facebook. We believe in empowering businesses to acquire users and achieve growth without being solely reliant on these dominant digital advertising and user acquisition channels.

Our goal is Zero Cost Customer Acquisition and to demonstrate 2-3x LTV for every ecosystem member. We vet each ecosystem participant to ensure they are ready to provide promotion and/or monetization for the ecosystem members, where they will exchange users for revenue share and vice versa.

The MOX Platform is a self-serve cross-promotion platform that enables algorithmically matched cross-promotion (and in the future, data monetization, strategic partnership, and investment) opportunities between all stakeholders. 

To Foster Successful Partnerships, Facilitate User Acquisition, and Drive Growth


Welcome to the MOX Platform, where innovation and excellence transform company promotion and revenue generation. With a focus on transparency, collaboration, and data privacy, explore our solutions and help shape the future of cross-promotion.

Zero Upfront Costs & Results-driven Revenue Share


The MOX Platform prioritizes onboarding partners that create a strong foundation for long-term success. It recognizes that the initial partners may not experience immediate benefits but emphasizes the importance of reaching critical mass for network effects to take effect.



The MOX Platform operates through a self-serve dashboard interface and employs data-driven algorithms to match partners for cross-promotion, data monetization, strategic partnerships, and investment opportunities.



The MOX Platform provides modules for conversion tracking, retargeting, and targeting data for partners. This enables partners to track user conversions, retarget users, and effectively target their offers based on specific campaign parameters.

Trust &


What our Partners are Saying


 for itakli

This MOX Platform fueled our growth, offering risk-free user acquisition and higher eCPMs. A game-changer.


 for Coutloot

MOX Platform boosted our ad inventory's performance, delivering high RPMs with minimal friction.


for Woovly

MOX Platform's support and risk-free model helped us scale rapidly and find valuable collaborations.

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  • What is the MOX Platform?
    The MOX Platform is a cutting-edge digital advertising and collaborative cross-promotion ecosystem. It serves as a dynamic marketplace connecting Monetization Partners and Promotion Partners within the Orbit Startups ecosystem, as well as external corporate partners. Its primary objectives are: User Acquisition: Facilitate risk-free user acquisition for Monetization Partners while enabling Promotion Partners to monetize their ad inventory effectively. Revenue Sharing: Implement a revenue share model where Monetization Partners share a portion of their revenue with Promotion Partners who assist in delivering their advertising campaigns. Transparency: Prioritize transparency, collaboration, and data privacy to create a trustworthy environment for partners. Innovation: Continuously innovate and optimize advertising strategies to drive growth and revenue for all partners. In essence, the MOX Platform aims to revolutionize digital advertising by providing a transparent, collaborative, and cost-efficient ecosystem where partners can mutually benefit from their efforts while ensuring the privacy and data security of users.
  • How is user data protected?
    Server Plug-ins are installed inside partner company internal infrastructure A Unique ID list is returned to the MOX Platform with filtering parameters defined by campaigns. Audience information is aggregated and this metadata is used to optimize future campaigns.
  • How does Zero Upfront Costs benefit me as a Promotion Partner?
    Zero upfront costs benefit you as a Promotion Partner in several ways: Risk-Free Entry: You can join the MOX Platform without the financial burden of upfront expenses, making it easier to explore new advertising opportunities. Cost-Efficiency: By eliminating initial costs, you can allocate your resources more efficiently, focusing on campaign optimization and content creation. Scalability: Zero upfront costs allow you to scale your promotional efforts without worrying about budget constraints, enabling you to reach a wider audience. Increased ROI: With no initial financial commitment, any revenue generated through the platform becomes pure profit, enhancing your return on investment. Collaboration: You can collaborate with a diverse range of partners and explore cross-promotion opportunities without the barriers of entry costs. Overall, zero upfront costs provide you with flexibility, reduced financial risk, and the chance to maximize your revenue while promoting your products or services effectively.
  • How does Zero Upfront Costs benefit me as a Monetization Partner?
    Zero upfront costs offer significant advantages to you as a Monetization Partner: Risk Mitigation: With no initial financial commitment, you can test and explore the MOX Platform without taking on financial risk. It allows you to assess its effectiveness and potential benefits before investing. Cost-Efficient Growth: You can expand your user acquisition efforts without incurring immediate expenses, allowing you to allocate resources efficiently and focus on campaign optimization. Revenue Sharing: Zero upfront costs mean that any revenue generated through the platform directly contributes to your profits. You share revenue only when results are achieved, ensuring a cost-effective model. Scalability: Without the burden of upfront expenses, you can scale your advertising campaigns and reach a broader audience more easily, helping to maximize your revenue potential. Diverse Partnerships: You can collaborate with a wide range of Promotion Partners without financial barriers, fostering valuable partnerships and access to different user bases. In summary, zero upfront costs provide you with a low-risk, cost-efficient way to access the MOX Platform's user acquisition and advertising opportunities, allowing you to optimize campaigns and boost revenue-sharing outcomes.
  • What is the revenue share model?
    The revenue share model is a collaborative approach used by the MOX Platform to distribute income between Monetization Partners and Promotion Partners. In this model: Monetization Partners: These partners present offers and advertisements to end users, generating revenue from user interactions like clicks, conversions, or other predefined actions. They share a portion of this revenue with the MOX Platform and, subsequently, with Promotion Partners who help deliver these campaigns. Promotion Partners: These partners collaborate with Monetization Partners by offering ad inventory or assisting in user acquisition efforts. They receive a share of the revenue generated by Monetization Partners for successfully delivering campaigns to their audience. The revenue share model ensures that both Monetization and Promotion Partners have a vested interest in the success of advertising campaigns. It fosters collaboration, encourages performance optimization, and allows partners to benefit from their respective strengths, all while sharing in the generated revenue.

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